1.) The objective of ECWF is to supply analogue media equipment, which is not used by the various Dutch aid organisations and agencies any longer, to countries and parties who can still use these devices to maximise safety and coordinate rescues in the event of natural disasters or calamities.

2.) ECWF tries to reach these goals by:
•Organising workshops, seminars and meetings of sponsors;
•To make the present owners of the analogue radio media aware of the possibilities by re-using this equipment;
•To share the technical and informative information between interested parties, the gathering, registering, transporting and installation of the made available media
Organisation :
The organisation has a board and members of the board also actively work on projects.
The organisation has been incorporated on the first of September 2007.
The organisation is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

The organisation is a not for profit organisation. The financing of the various projects are made possible mainly by donations.

If you would like to donate and have your business mentioned as a sponsor on our web site, please let us know.

The board consists of:
Willem van Bezooijen (president)
Joop Ditzel (treasurer)
Johan van Dongen (secretary)
Piet van Hardingsveldt (committee member) also web master.
Marco Ditzel (committee member)